Dear Chinese People|Part 3 – Yes…I’m American

Dear Chinese People,

I thought we talked about this already. Matter of fact I KNOW we talked about this already.  Remember this ——> Dear Chinese People Part I.

This is when I explained that I was NOT born in Africa, but that my ancestors are from there.

Yesterday, I had to have this conversation with my taxi driver, Bill. Even though we had a conversation about where I’m from in the US and that I am first generation American, Jamaican-American, he still thought I was from South Africa.

I showed him SEVERAL pictures of black people.  Some of the pictures were of some that had the same hue of a Chinese person…guess what, he thought they were WHITE!

So sorry sonneth…

It’s ok…sometimes.  I realize that only a small fraction are able to venture out to the “other side” of the world to see that PoC (People of Colour), especially black, people come in different hues.  So here are some pictures of black people….

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Just to let you all know…black people are EVERYWHERE, not just in Africa.


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why I am LIVING in my success!

When I Googled “success” this is what came up.

1. the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.
“the president had some success in restoring confidence”
synonyms: favourable outcome, successfulness, favourable result, successful outcome, positive result, victory, triumph
“we are very encouraged by the success of the scheme”

I decided to stop talking about what I wanted to do with my life and started to make moves.

I decided to make my life into one big “Year of Yes”.  Not just this year, but every year that I am alive.

I am so excited that I’ve found a way to live my life…teaching internationally and being able to travel.  I have found a way to combine the two.  I have discovered a way to be who I am…

Miss Marla Hunter

Dear Chinese People | Part 2 – Fashion or nah…

Dear Chinese People,

Everyday as I walk these Chinese streets there is one thing that totally confuses me.  I mean I am NOT a fashion guru, but I do know how to properly dress myself.

I am completely aware that what we wear says a LOT about us as an individual. With this being said, some of the “fashion” that I see on a daily basis here is mind boggling.

“The apparel oft proclaims the man.”
-Shakespeare, Hamlet

It’s almost like that the “outfits” that I am seeing is your attempt of what the western world is wearing. All I am asking that you don’t leave China wearing these clothing items.

If you happen to…let’s discuss why you may NOT want to wear what you’re wearing among non-Chinese people.

Let the show begin…

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Two words…PLEASE STOP! 🙂 lol…

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why i decided to sell everything and move abroad

So last night I got the best Snapchat message from a person that I think is AWESOME! Gloria Atanmo, who we affectionately call Glo!

Glo absolutely spoke into my life and I began to see why I sold all of my belongings and moved abroad to teach.

I will tell you one thing, this decision was something that not everyone agreed with.  I have a house back in the states, Tennessee,  that my best friend is renting from me.  I have things from when I was living in Orlando that is in storage. These are the items that I was gifting, that even for FREE no one came to get. FREE people!!

Now, I sold everything that I could sell.  When I couldn’t sell I was giving things away.  Mind you I do have only two pieces of furniture left: a headboard that my close friend purchased for me and my dresser that my Mum said that I could not sell or give away. Sentimental value she says. lol!

But why? Why not?!

Moving to China has helped me to realize many things about myself.

You have to find yourself

Oh you hear this from people all the time. “Who am I?” “What is the meaning to life?” These are serious questions actually.  These are questions that I have asked myself.

I was tired.  I was tired of the direction that my life was going. I knew what I wanted for myself.  I had goals and they were written down, but I was in a place of contentment. I was settling for things that I should not have been.

Drop the Routine.

I was doing the same doggon thing EVERYDAY! I was caught in the daily 9-5 7:30 – 4:30, forgot I was on a teacher schedule.  Sometimes this also meant going in early or staying late.  Late means sometimes until 10pm! I didn’t mind it, but…never mind I did mind it. I don’t like the rat race. Hell, I don’t like running. Ask anyone that knows me! Marla and running does NOT go hand in hand.

New Start

DUH! No one knows who I am. I can start over.  I can be who I’ve always wanted to be. There are no rumour mills or whispering. Now, at times it does get lonely and that’s ok.  This is a time for me to meet new people, make new friends, and build world wide connections that I can use later on in life.

In 1.5 months my life will be changing… ✈️ #chinabound #jetsetter #nomadness #MarlaGoesToChina

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Stuff is not everything

I only have the clothes that I came with. NOTHING else. Matter of fact, back in the states I have about 5 boxes with teacher things that no one would come pick up.  I have learned that those materialistic items mean absolutely nothing.  Don’t get me wrong I do cherish the gifts that I get from framily (friends and family), but I do now realize that happiness is NOT about what I have, but about the experiences had in life.

You can learn get familiar with a new language

You see that I got rid of the LEARN and said get familiar with.  I’ve only been in China for 7 months and the language barrier still gets to me, however I’ve become familiar with certain words and sayings and I’m able to get around.

There are some people who are quick learners, but I will say this learning a new language is a struggle. Mandarin is MAD hard, but it gets easier everyday and I’m told that my tones are GREAT. 🙂

Different cultures and traditions

This is the best hands down!

So here in China when people say “Ok” it’s not just “ok” it’s “ok ok ok ok” really fast.  I find myself doing this now.

In India it was saying yes with you head. In western countries we nod our head up and down in agreement. In India the head goes from side to side.

credit: Indian Headshakes – What do they mean? – distantflower

I was in India for two weeks and now I find myself  doing this as well.


In the end you will love who you have become. I know that I am loving myself more and more each day.  Of course some people back home may not understand, but that’s ok.

Be you. Be Free.


expat thoughts… | Relationships

So I’m back again with another “expat thoughts”.  This time we will focus on relationships…

Guys – Gentlemen Callers

Don’t you just like the way that sounds?! I mean, why don’t we say that anymore? “Gentlemen Caller”

So it’s not like guys are knocking down my door, but every once in a blue moon there is a guy or guys that you may have a crush on. It’s funny because I was just told that 30-somethings don’t crush anymore, but I do!

It’s like I moved across the waters and BAM, I get messages about “I’ve liked you for a minute now….” I’m like WHAT THE BLOODY HELL?! *le sigh*

Being abroad can bring on all sorts of loneliness, especially in China. It’s not like there are black guys just running around out here.  The ones I have encountered are already married. Here comes the kicker, yet these men (who are most of them are married to Asian women) want to have the company of another woman…a woman of colour.

I have been told on numerous occasions that the marriage to the Asian woman has been for convenience. Convenience? YEP!

I need a Chinese or Hong Kong visa! – marry a Chinese or Hong Kong resident/citizen

I need to start my business! – Chinese or Hong Kong resident/citizen

See even Kevin Hart doesn’t understand…

End the end…

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